Sanibel Island Fl - Family Photographer

When I say this family hired me last minute, I mean it! I had a sunset session already scheduled for Sanibel that evening - a few hrs prior I was heading out the door to ride my bike down to the Harbour. As I put my earbuds in, my phone rang.....on the other end was a man who expressed how much he needed a beach photographer...for this evening! Um, today? As in a few hours? Unfortunately, he hired a photographer that had to cancel last minute, and it was booked at the end of his family vacation with only one day left. I typically schedule only one session per evening, so I can focus on each family and because most want a sunset session, and there's only one per day! :) I told this super nice man that I would have to check with my clients to see if they were okay sharing a few mins at the end of their session. They said yes, absolutely!

After my session with my first family, I see this beautiful family dressed in all white, smiling, super excited about their session. We literally had 10 mins before the sun went down...but that's all we needed! It was just the perfect combination of the stars aligning just right for us that evening. I can't express how much I love my job, but sometimes we have windy days, really hot humid sessions or stressful traffic to maneuver through, but at the end of all that... I get to put a smile on someone's face and that makes it SO REWARDING for me!